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  确定空白处词性  以下情况,空白处为动词:  1 n./pron. vt. n./pron. 前有名后有名,中间谓动  2 n./pron. vi. 前名后无... [查看全文]


  先题后文,词性分类  首先做选词填空题要先题后文再定位,但这里先题不是要找关键词,而是要先对选项辨性,仔细阅读选项词汇,根据词... [查看全文]


  Videoconferencing is nothing more than a television set or PC monitor with a camera Through the videoconferenc... [查看全文]


  As war spreads to many corners of the globe, children sadly have been drawn into the center of conflicts. I... [查看全文]


  When Roberto Feliz came to the USA from the Dominican Republic, he knew only a few words of English. Educat... [查看全文]


  Have you ever known anyone famous? If so, you may have found that they are remarkably similar to the rest ... [查看全文]


  EI NIno is name given to the masterious and often unpredictable change in the climate of the world.This stra... [查看全文]


  For many environmentalists, the world seems to be getting worse. They have developed a hit-list of our main ... [查看全文]


  It seems you always forget-your reading glasses when you are rushing to work, your coat when you are going ... [查看全文]


  There's no question that the Earth is getting hotter. The real questions are: How much of the warming is... [查看全文]